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Construction Management

Beacon Southwest provides active representation and advocacy of owners interest during construction.  Construction project management services are offered to preserve and protect project schedule, project budget and owner operational needs. Construction project management is, in simple sense, the act of planning, organizing and overseeing the various tasks required throughout the construction process.  However, construction project management is actually a complex series of tasks and responsibilities that change dramatically from project to project.  Effective construction project management requires a level of experience, knowledge and common sense equal to the complexity of the project.

Construction project management is used to ensure that a project is built according to the owner approved design.  This includes not only completing the project in accordance with the plans, but also meeting project schedule constraints, project budget and owner "intent".  It is our belief that the project manager must protect the interest of the owner including schedule, budget, functionality and even liability.

Beacon Southwest feels that the most important skill required for construction management is an understanding of the building process.  This includes not only knowledge of materials and equipment, but also the dedication and initiative necessary to solve problems on the project site.  Our construction project managers are comfortable communicating with a myriad of individuals ranging from project owners to tradesmen.  They provide special experience in the coordination of concurrent tasks, tracking financial assets and resolution of challenging problems.  Our staff has strong computer skills, including word processing and spreadsheet use as well as construction scheduling software. 

Monitoring and controlling of the project site is essential to observe project execution and ensure that potential problems can be taken, when necessary, to support the successful completion of the project.

Construction Management Activities Include:

  • Interview of architectural, engineering and contractors for best overall project fit
  • Review and preparation of schedules to correspond with project expectations
  • Tracking the project variables (cost, effort, scope, etc.) against the project management plan and the project performance
  • Identifying corrective actions to address issues and risk
  • Influencing the factors that could impede project performance

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